Ultimate goal is to drive foot traffic to the restaurant and to create awareness among the local crowd, tourists, and NRI.


– New to the market during the COVID pandemic.
– No Dine-In while launching.
– Plenty of competitors as its located in a major tourist attraction.
Pouring inquiries for biryani, which NTM does not serve.


– Brand tone and positioning using hand-drawn illustrations, and traditional patterns helped to connect the brand with the right audience.
– Multiple ad campaigns with bilingual creatives proved colossal in increasing foot traffic.
-The utilization of influencer marketing with the unique concepts also helped for a good reach in a shorter period.


NTM has grown to be a leading Tamil heritage cuisine restaurant in the Pondicherry market. People from other cities who visit Pondicherry has marked NTM as a must try restaurant in their reviews. Remarkably more than 150 reviews with a 4.1 rating in major online food servicing apps like Swiggy and Zomato has attained only through paid ad campaigns within 4 months.

Ad Insights

Campaign Duration: 5 months
Impressions: 8,237,920
Reach: 2,270,032

Note: All the provided Data are based on the report generated from their respective platforms. Mentioned numbers represents people.


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